Viewpoint Snøhetta

This Sunday i went on a little trek to a mountaintop in Dovre, Norway, where the famous architecture firm Snøhetta built a viewpoint overlooking Norway’s third tallest mountain; Snøhetta. This viewpoint provides shelter and a fireplace for anyone making the trip thither. The large glass curtain wall on the south side provides a panoramic view of the fantastic wild landscape. On your way up you are entertained by rocks stating the history of the area from the year 1800 BC to present date. Be ware not to run into any musk ox on your way, as they apparently can far outrun you, at 60km/h.

Ando Tadao ‘Meditation Space’, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris

This piece was what inspired me the most at our visit to the UNESCO headquarters. Its tranquil space filled me with a sense of awe and wonder, and ultimately left me breathless. I could not help but to look up and feel mesmerized at its closeness and yet feel like it was forever out of reach from me. The glimpses of elusive light in an otherwise dark enclosure, seemed to work together to create a philosophical entity.


Château de Versailles

In January I was at The Château de Versailles. This fantastic palace of splendour and grandour has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List for over 30 years. Its impressive exterior and the ‘a bit over the top’ interior where a lot to take in. Meant to show the people the power of the KIng, Louis XIV also expanded the palace in order for it to be large enough to host his extravagant parties. His bedroom being in the centre of the palace, his bedroom and the hall of mirrors where the centre of the country’s politics for decades.

Group Project

During the last ten days, our studio class has been working non stop making an installation using only Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and soft wood. The installation is made up of a total of 30 chairs that also function as shelves for storing and displaying models. The frame of the chairs are simply put togheter with hammer and nail. This project has been a great team exercise, giving us a great opportunity to get to know  eachother better.